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🧐 DIA’s not so bad and Red Rocks isn’t that cool



We recently stumbled onto this gem of a tweet from @do303official. And the comments were very entertaining — hilarious, interesting, and in some cases, actually kinda thought provoking. I absolutely encourage you to peruse the whole thread, but here were just some of the common themes I noticed. 

Turns out, a lot of people don’t actually mind the population boom.

Red Rocks, Snooze, and our green chili — not all they’re cracked up to be.

We don’t all love the outdoors…

Not everyone likes the food scene as much as I do, apparently. 

This was my hot take, too, if you’re wondering: DIA? Don’t mind it. 

No hate for 16th Street Mall.

Buuut I’ve actually got to cancel this one, sorry Joe… 🤢


“Ozone doesn’t just bother our lungs, it bothers plants’ lungs — It makes it harder for them to do their job to suck carbon out of the atmosphere.” — CPR climate reporter, Sam Brasch

Denver’s Air Quality is in the News Again and it’s Not Good (Actually, it’s Terrible)Denver’s brown cloud is in the news… again. And it doesn’t seem to be getting better. In fact, in a new move by the EPA, the Front Range’s air quality has gotten so bad that it’s been downgraded from a “serious” to “severe” violator of national ozone standards.

But what does it actually mean for Denverites when it comes to quality of life? Are we looking ahead to another summer locked indoors because our air quality is so terrible? Today on the show, host Bree Davies talks with CPR climate reporter Sam Brasch about what, exactly, this new EPA categorization means, how it will impact our lives, and what — if anything — we can do about it.

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⚖️ Corey Wise alleges discrimination:
The former superintendent for the Douglas County School District is filing a discrimination and retaliation claim against the district after his controversial firing in February. Wise alleges that he was illegally ousted because some members of the school board didn’t agree with his support for a masking policy and his advocacy for a new equity policy. [CPR]

📜 Controversial fentanyl bill advances: A Colorado House Committee passed the bill in an 8-3 vote this week, moving it on to another committee for consideration. The proposal, which would enact harsher penalties on fentanyl users and distributors, has spurred debate between tough-on-crime proponents and harm reduction activists. [Denver Post]

♻️ Denver wants to pay you to “electrify” your home: The city is launching a new rebate program this Friday in honor of Earth Day to incentivize residents to make their houses “greener.” Denverites can get thousands of dollars back on things like heat pumps, vehicle chargers, and e-bikes. The money will come from a voter-approved sales tax passed in 2020. [Denverite

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