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🔎 Why we’re talking about JonBenét Ramsey



Why her name is back in headlines:

The death of six-year-old JonBenét Ramsey was one of the most highly publicized murders to ever come out of Colorado. For a quarter of a century, the cold case has continued to captivate the nation. Now, just five months after the crime’s 25th anniversary, the Ramsey family thinks we could be closer than ever to a break in the case… if the Boulder police hand it over to someone else, that is.

Last weekend, at the 2022 CrimeCon in Las Vegas, John Ramsey, the father of JonBenét, publicly announced his request that his daughter’s case be removed from the care of the Boulder Police Department and handed over to an independent investigative agency. Since then, a petition on has begun circulating calling on Gov. Jared Polis to take decision-making away from BPD.

What’s the ‘big break’?
Advances in DNA and forensic technology are rocking the cold case world right now. Genetic genealogy is a new way to identify unknown DNA, and has notably led authorities to the capture of the infamous Golden State Killer in 2018. New technology in 2008 turned up DNA of an unknown male at JonBenét’s crime scene, and now the Ramsey family wants to know why BPD hasn’t done something with that evidence.

The Boulder police have been harshly scrutinized for how they botched handled the investigation in its early stages. But the department pushed back on the petition, saying they’ve always followed up on every lead and JonBenét’s case will remain a priority for the department.

But there’s no magic DNA wand.
While there’s been tremendous leaps and bounds in DNA and forensic science, there’s still a lot to be explored within genetic genealogy, and investigators need to be judicious in the way they utilize the technology.

More specifically, in the case of JonBenét, the main reason BPD says they haven’t ventured into genetic genealogy is because there is a very limited amount of DNA from the crime scene to work with. Going the genealogy route would likely require utilizing all the DNA that is left, leaving none to be tested should bigger and better testing options emerge.

🔎 Want to know more? Check out my source material: CNN, Denver Post, Denver7, and Westword.


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