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🤘 Denverites fight for the right to paaarty



Number 38 can continue hosting live music! As long as it’s kept inside with the doors and windows shut, that is.

After a wave of RiNo residents complained about the noise coming from Number 38 — the massive two-year-old music venue with an outdoor stage at 3560 Chestnut Place — the renewal of its cabaret license was in question.

And if you’re thinking it’s just the “get-off-my-lawn” folks leveling complaints because they hate fun, you should know that Number 38 has violated local noise ordinances in the past, blowing the city’s decibel limit out of the water.

Attorney Macon Cowles, who was hired by the city to oversee a hearing on the matter and offer an official recommendation, described the live music as intrusive to the reasonable expectations that anyone should have of their home. He recommended the city not renew the venue’s license.

However, other neighbors did support the renewal, including the owners of nearby businesses, like Ironton Distillery. In fact, according to the department of excise and licenses, 90% of people who provided input on the matter voted in favor of the renewal, and said not renewing the license would be a loss for the entire arts community in the area.

Ultimately, department director Molly Duplechian opted for a middle-of-the-road approach, approving the renewal of Number 38’s license with the conditions that: 1) all music played outdoors needs to be acoustic and without drums, and 2) all amplified music needs to stay indoors with the doors and windows tightly shut.


“It’s not just about recycling [things]. But then we don’t want to be putting those things on vehicles to ship them around the world to get them re-used. We want to create those end-markets right here in Denver, so we’re taking that stuff and we’re reusing it as locally as possible.” — Councilman Jolon Clark

Should Denverites Be Paying for Trash Pickup?
Denver is BAD at recycling and composting. In fact, our diversion rate — the amount of waste we divert from landfills to recycling and composting — is a paltry 26%. So how did Denver get so far behind when it comes to trash? And what are we doing to catch up? Today, City Cast Host Bree Davies talks with Councilman Jolon Clark to hear why he wants Denverites to start paying for their trash. 

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🚫 Will Denver have a concealed carry ban?
Tonight, Denver City Council will hold its first full hearing on a proposed bill to ban concealed weapons at any city-owned or city-leased properties, including parks. Feedback from committee hearings shows that the bill has strong support from council. The second hearing, when public comment will likely be allowed, is scheduled for May 16. [Denver Post]

🎓 MSU offers free tuition to Indigenous students: At its Native American and Indigenous Graduation Ceremony on Saturday, Metropolitan State University of Denver (MSU) announced a new initiative to tackle education barriers for Native American students. Beginning this fall, Colorado residents who are also members of a federally recognized Native nation will be eligible for free tuition at the college. [9News]

🚩 Parents of school shooting victim file to sue: The parents of Kendrick Castillo — the 18-year-old student who died trying to protect his fellow classmates during the 2019 shooting at STEM School Highlands Ranch — have filed a lawsuit against the school and the Douglas County School District. It’s believed to be the first lawsuit in the state of its kind, questioning the liability of a school in the case of a mass shooting that took place within its walls. The Castillos allege that the district failed to act on the red flags that made the shooting “reasonably foreseeable.” [Denver Post]

🏒 Things are looking great for the Avs: With a win tonight, the Colorado Avalanche would complete a sweep of the Nashville Predators and move on to Round 2 of the NHL Playoffs. Catch Game 4 this evening at 7:30 p.m.

  • 💬 Resident hockey fan and City Cast producer Paul Karolyi says he doesn’t expect the Preds to put up much of a fight, but he’ll be tuning in to see if Avs’ starting goaltender Darcy Kuemper returns after he had to leave Game 3 with gnarly eye injury.


📝 What do you want from your neighborhood pool? Denver Parks & Rec is calling for community input as it puts together its design plans for the new indoor pool at Swansea Rec Center. Share your thoughts!

🔎 Help local researchers learn more about “long COVID.” Researchers at the University of Denver are seeking people who believe they have long COVID to participate in a study to learn more about the medical phenomenon. Learn more about the research.

🗣️ Speak up for the unhoused. The Western Regional Advocacy Project (or WRAP) is hosting a week of advocacy events to recognize and protest the 10th anniversary of the city’s urban camping ban. You can participate in educational discussions, public comment, volunteer opportunities, and more. See the events schedule

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