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🏺 Denver Art Museum to return stolen relic


DAM relinquishes more stolen relics

The Denver Art Museum — now touting the weighty title of one of the Best New Museums in the World, according to Condé Nast — has removed an ancient West African artifact from its collection with the intention of seeing it returned to its country of origin.

The artifact in question is a 16th/17th century bronze plaque from Benin (today southern Nigeria). It’s believed to have once adorned the royal palace of a Benin king. The relic has been proven stolen from its homeland, along with thousands of other local treasures, by British forces during a raid in 1897. Most of the looted goods were auctioned off in London to pay for the expedition, and over the years they’ve found themselves scattered among museums across the world.

Courtesy of Denver Art Museum

How did it end up here?
The Denver Art Museum received its Benin bronze plaque back in 1955 from the Carlebach Gallery in New York. The DAM has been sleuthing the piece’s ownership history since last November and recently agreed to remove the piece from its collection. 

We’ve been here before.
This isn’t the first time the museum has been in this position. Just last fall, DAM relinquished four Cambodian relics that were sold to the museum by Douglas Latchford, an art dealer known for pillaging and illegally selling ancient artifacts. It has also repatriated a Nepalese statue and some relics from Thailand.

But we’re not the only ones.
A recent global reckoning has museums reevaluating the ethics behind showcasing pieces they know were plundered during colonial rule, and many have begun repatriating these stolen artifacts. In fact, Nigeria has received so many of its pilfered artifacts back that the country plans to open a new museum to showcase the returned relics in their rightful homeland.

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