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There’s a lot to love about Denver. Go ahead and try to define our city. Is it an oil-rich cowtown? A tech-friendly ecotopia? More likely it’s something entirely its own, changing before our very eyes. Every day, you’ll hear from the team highlighting what makes this beautiful, complex city we call home just a little bit better. Get in touch with us at

Bree Davies

Podcast host

Let’s eat here:
Poppies, for prime rib french dip.

Someone from Denver you should know:
Phillip “Phil The Fan” Hamon III, who was the greatest fan of the Denver music scene till he passed in 2011.

Paul Karolyi

Lead producer

Let’s eat here:
Benny Blanco’s in Cap Hill for pizza, and not just because they always indulge my outside-the-box topping requests.

Best book or movie about my city:
Manuel Ramos’ “Desperado: A Mile High Noir.” You won’t walk down 32nd Avenue the same way ever again.

Olivia Jewell Love

Audio producer

A Denver hidden gem:
Denver's Pearl Street (not Boulder's, but love that too) in Platt Park is in my opinion an under-appreciated area of the city. Make sure to check out Stella's Coffee for a unique drink and hit up The Denver Folklore Center for your acoustic instrument needs.

Someone from Denver you should know about, but don’t:

The Mayor of Silver Plume, Sam McCloskey. He keeps the steam engines of the historic Georgetown Loop Railroad running, and takes care of mayoral duties in his small mountain town. He's got a million stories about the history of his town, and knows a million and one people.

Peyton Garcia

Newsletter editor

We do this better than any other city:
A style that says, “I’m a cool, rugged mountain-goer AND a hip, urban professional” at the same time.

The tourist trap that’s actually great:
Casa Bonita. Yes, it’s real, and yes, it’s everything South Park promised it would be.