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City Cast Denver is Denver’s first daily news podcast, celebrating and challenging the city’s  news breakers and culture makers; activists and artists; neighbors and ne’er-do-wells. City Cast Denver is also a daily email that’s got the news you need, plus what to do tonight, where to eat this weekend, and all kinds of delightful ways to connect with the city. Both the podcast and email are free and fresh every weekday morning at 6 a.m.

Meet the Team

Bree Davies


Let’s eat here:
Poppies, for prime rib french dip. 

Someone from my city you should know:
Phillip “Phil The Fan” Hamon III, who was the greatest fan of the Denver music scene till he passed in 2011.

Peyton Garcia

Newsletter Editor

We do this better than any other city:
A style that says, “I’m a cool, rugged mountain-goer AND a hip, urban professional” at the same time.

The tourist trap that’s actually great:
Casa Bonita. Yes, it’s real, and yes, it’s everything South Park promised it would be.

Paul Karolyi

Lead Producer

Let’s eat here: 
Benny Blanco’s in Cap Hill for pizza, and not just because they always indulge my outside-the-box topping requests.

Best book or movie about my city:
Manuel Ramos’ “Desperado: A Mile High Noir.” You won’t walk down 32nd Avenue the same way ever again.

Xandra McMahon


A place in my city not enough people know about:
TRVE Brewing, a heavy metal brewery. Need I say more?

Someone from my city you should know:
Elisabeth Epps, who’s fighting for racial justice and bailing people out of jail with her organization, Colorado Freedom Fund.

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Twitter: @CityCastDenver