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Best Brunch In Denver

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on November 29, 2022   |   Updated on June 20
What’s the best way to brunch in Denver? (Rachel Park / Unsplash)

What’s the best way to brunch in Denver? (Rachel Park / Unsplash)

A few weeks ago, I got on the mic with City Cast Denver podcast host Bree Davies and producer Paul Karolyi to debate the best way to brunch in Denver — which locales are worth the wait? Which warrant a hard pass? And what’s the big deal with Snooze? You can check out that episode to hear our hot takes, but in the meantime, here are some YOUR recommendations👇 

🥐 Denver Biscuit Company: “There is nothing better than getting back from a nice long hike in the mountains, checking in on the drive back into town, and strolling right in, past the long line of people waiting.”Ben R.

🍩 Jelly Cafe: “Specifically, their chilaquiles with pork green chili always hits the spot.” — Sam M.

  • 🍳 Ryan adds: “They’ve got a corned beef hash that will send you to the moon.”

🥂 Ritual Social House: “The food is so-so, but the bottomless mimosas are choice. And they have TouchTunes so I can get my DJ on at 10 a.m.” — Molly S.

🥞 Snooze: “I wanted to share an insider tip about Snooze in regards to the extended wait time. You can download the Snooze app and join the waitlist before you head over there. It will give you an estimate of how long your wait will be, and if your table is ready before you get there they will seat you at the next available table.”Audrey R. 

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