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The Best Pizza In Denver

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on September 27, 2022   |   Updated on June 19
A plate of pizza. To the right of the plate is a fork and knife on a napkin.

Yum. (Igor Shoshin / Getty Images)

Who dishes up the best pizza in Denver? We asked, you answered! … With dozens of nominations 😅 But ultimately, the overwhelming consensus was for (my personal favorite) Blue Pan Pizza’s Detroit-style pies! 🏆 However, a few other popular mentions included:

Mostly though, I enjoyed perusing through all your hot takes on the Denver pizza scene. Here were some of my favorite messages:

🏙️ Praise for the single-serve slice from Val
: “My favorite pizza experience right now is going to Cosmo’s and getting a slice. I'm an East Coast girl through and through, and I absolutely love just grabbing a slice of pizza and like picking it out over the counter top. There's something so satisfying about that, and their pizza is really good.”

👪 Something for the family from Debbie:
 “My whole family loves Mod Pizza. We each create our own Mod (a medium-sized personal pizza perfect for a meal and leftovers) and dig in. This thin-crust pizza is flaky with crunch on the ends and foldable in the middle. And Mod is one of the rare places I've found dairy-free cheese!”

🤔 An overlooked(?) take-n’-bake classic from Sarah N.:
 “Have had this absurd discussion with a bunch of millennials. OF COURSE it is Papa Murphy’s, hands down!! The scoffers are bourgeois and clueless.”

💎 A hidden gem from Russell F.:
 “The Funky Flame (@the_funkyflame) in Sunnyside on 44th & Zuni is a pop-up bakery that is only there Friday through Sunday. Incredible baked goods, both savory and sweet, and really excellent pizza.”

🌶️ A spicy opinion from Libby
: “I’m calling from West Colfax with a hot pizza take, which is that there is no good pizza in Denver. You have to go to Leadville.”

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