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The Best Mexican Candy in Denver

Adrian González
Adrian González
Posted on August 14
A dismembered hand holds a plastic cup of mango slushy with a pink wall in the background.

A mango “raspado.” (Photo by Diego Lozano on Unsplash)

When I was a little “mocoso” (snotty kid) in Ciudad Juárez my grandfather would give me a weekly snack allowance on Sundays — we used to lovingly call it “mi Domingo.” Most of that money went towards traditional Mexican candy and snack food. Moving to Colorado in 1999, I distinctly remember shedding tears because I would no longer be able to get my favorite snacks. You can imagine my delight when I found that the state is brimming with Mexican candy. Here are some of my favorites in Denver.

Covet Thy Spice

The feeling of numbing your tongue with spicy treats is its own religion in Mexican culture. Even our candy is spicy!

  • Swing by Mexicandy in Sloan’s Lake and shop rows of traditional candy. They also have great piñatas, which I like to buy for regular non-birthday occasions.
  • Rosales Bakery on the Northside has my favorite Mexican sweet breads, but they also carry a selection of candy.
  • If you’re feeling daring, try the Tostilocos at La Michoacanita — a bag of Tostitos drenched in hot sauce, cheese, and other salty toppings.

Summer is For Paletas

If you’re lucky enough to live in a neighborhood that is regularly serviced by a “paletero,” or mobile popsicle vendor, you’re living in a utopia and I want to be your friend.

  • For the rest of us, we’ll have to take a trip to places like Paleteria Chihuahua, with locations in the Westwood and Cole neighborhoods.
  • Neveria La Mexicana has two locations on the east side and their fruit-infused paletas are like medicine in the summer heat. Spots like this typically also carry other Mexican snacks, so they’re a good bet if you can’t decide what you’re craving.
A restaurant employee spreads mayo on a corncob.

Yes, spicy “elote” counts as candy around here. (Rey Lopez / The Washington Post via Getty)

Westside is the Best Side

Skip the Google search and take a drive down Federal Boulevard and Morrison Road. There are so many excellent spots on this side of town that I can’t even begin to name them.

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