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A Day in Denver History: Grupo Tlaloc Danza Azteca

Bree Davies
Bree Davies
Posted on July 31
Two-year-old Antonio Ortiz, dressed in traditional Mexica / Azteca attire plays the drums at Civic Center park

Two-year-old Antonio Ortiz plays the drums at Civic Center park for Cinco de Mayo in 2006. (Donated to the Denver Public Library by the Rocky Mountain News / Ken Papaleo)

Grupo Tlaloc Danza Azteca has been performing in Denver for more than 35 years! The traditional dance group formed with permission from an elder who came from Mexico to teach “La Danza” —  a form of ceremonial movement from Native Mexica / Azteca cultures and carried on by Chicano / Mexicano families. Dancers and drummers of all ages participate, and can be seen at cultural, neighborhood, and civic festivals across the city, year-round. Grupo Tlaloc describes the meaning behind their name as “He who fertilizes the Earth. Liquor of the Earth. He is the rain, which makes things grow.”

This section was written by City Cast Denver host and old Denver expert Bree Davies

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