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The Story of a Denver Shotgun Bandit in Hiding

Adrian González
Adrian González
Posted on June 26   |   Updated on June 28
A black and white mugshot of a young kid with light hair. A sign around his collar reads "Denver 30491"

A mugshot of Albert "Pinky" Edwin Roadhs, a member of the Shotgun Bandits. (Michaelson, M. & Kasher, S. “Least Wanted: A Century of American Mugshots”)

Buckle up, this is a wild story about a Denver outlaw who went to great lengths to hide his identity for decades.

Fox Channel 59 of Indiana reports that forensic investigators have determined that a Salem man who passed away in 2012 was in fact one of the men responsible for a series of armed stick-ups in Denver in 1955. He was reportedly living peacefully in Indiana under the assumed name “Bill Lee Hull,” but in fact, he was Albert Edwin “Pinky” Roadhs and once ran with a Colorado gang called the Shotgun Bandits.

Roadhs reportedly had no fingerprints when he passed away in 2012, sparking something of a local mystery in Salem. After 11 years, investigators were able to confirm his true identity earlier this year thanks to DNA testing.

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