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Where is the Giant Coney Island Hot Dog Stand that Used to Live on Colfax?

Bree Davies
Bree Davies
Posted on July 17   |   Updated on July 18
The giant coney island hot dog stand being hauled on a semi-truck from Denver to its new home in Bailey

The Coney Island Hot Dog stand in transit from Denver to Bailey in 2006. (Kathryn Scott Osler / The Denver Post / Getty Images)

Once upon a time, a 42-foot-long hot dog-shaped restaurant aptly named the Coney Island Boardwalk lived on West Colfax. Built in 1966, the structure resembled the fare it served up at 25 cents a dog. Owner Marcus Shannon had big dreams of turning the stand into a national chain, but sadly, the company quickly went bankrupt. After its stint on Denver’s most famous strip, the larger-than-life weiner was put on a trailer and hauled up Highway 285 to Aspen Park. Today, the Coney Island Boardwalk giant dog resides in Bailey. Contrary to Google Maps saying it is “permanently closed,” the hot dog spot is very much open for business. In fact, it recently received national attention after being featured in the “Dikinbaus Hot Dogs” episode of South Park.

Special thanks to City Cast Denver podcast producer Olivia Jewell Love for her reporting in the Colorado Sun on the big dog’s life and whereabouts!

This segment was written by City Cast Denver host Bree Davies.

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