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Mile High Hiking Hacks!

Bree Davies
Bree Davies
Posted on August 2
two people hike along a lakeside trail at sunset

Hacks for your Mile High hiking adventures. (Hero Images Inc / Getty Images)

A few weeks ago on the City Cast Denver podcast, the team got together to share some of our fave hikes in Colorado. It got us thinking: Beyond your hiking itinerary, what else do you need to make your trip up the trail fun? Here are a few tips for getting the most out of a good hike.

🗓️ Hike during the week

Weekends and holidays are when most hiking trails are guaranteed to be packed. If you can, try to hit your favorite spot on, say, a Wednesday morning to avoid the 9-to-5 crowds.

🌿 Get a little boost

Having trouble topping the peak? A little weed goes a looong way. If you’re feeling exhausted, a ganja gummy might be just what you need to get you the rest of the way. (Always practice safe consumption! Consider microdosing, with options as low as 1mg.)

🍫 Pack enough snacks

That snack pack of nuts from Trader Joe’s isn’t going to last you all day. Be sure to load up with enough to keep you going for a few hours — Protein bars, dried fruit, and trail mix are lightweight options to throw in a fanny pack and save you from those late-day hunger pangs.

💧 Hydrate!

It’s Colorado after all, and elevation dries you out fast. Be sure to hydrate before, during, and after a hike, even if you’re hitting an easy, city-close trail.

⛰️ Hike a 13-er

Fourteeners too crowded for your taste? Opt for a thirteener. Less people, a similar workout, and same great views 😉

📱 Check the stats

Before you hit the road, look up your hike on AllTrails to get the deets on length, elevation gain, difficulty level, and everything else you need to know (including maps and photos!) so you’re properly prepared for your impending adventure.

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