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Essential Rules for Surviving Denver

Bree Davies
Bree Davies
Posted on July 5   |   Updated on July 7
The unwritten rules of life as a Denverite 😂 (Dude Dad / Youtube)

The unwritten rules of life as a Denverite 😂 (Dude Dad / Youtube)

Whether you’re new to town or you’re a longtime local, this is our cheatsheet to living in Denver:

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🥾 “Colorado Casual” is a thing. Yes, that puffer jacket and hiking boots combo is acceptable in most professional settings!

🌯 Say yes to green chile on everything. You may notice on menus across the city that green chile is simultaneously an entrée, a side dish, and a condiment. There’s a reason — those tender hunks of pork swimming in soupy, spicy goodness are good on / with everything!

📈 “Mile High” means a mile high. Altitude sickness is real! It can also impact your normal alcohol consumption. Stay hydrated and listen to your body.

🎿 You don’t have to ski. Do not be surprised when you meet someone who grew up here who does not ski. Many of us do not. We still love it here, though!

❌ Nobody is a “Denver native” unless they are indigenous to the area. Not only is it disrespectful to folks original to this land, introducing yourself this way can be a conversation-ender.

🌲 Leave no trace. There’s a reason Rocky Mountain National Park was just rated No. 2 in the country for hikes — we take care of this place. Whatever you bring with you into the wilderness, make sure to take it back out. (Check out our handy dandy guide for more camping tips!)

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