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How To Fact-Check Political Ads

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on October 26, 2022   |   Updated on July 6
How do you know when you can trust a campaign ad? (KrizzDaPaul / Getty Images)

How do you know when you can trust a campaign ad? (KrizzDaPaul / Getty Images)

Right about now, political ads are likely blowing up your streaming services, social platforms, airwaves, and mailboxes. It’s important to note: there are no regulations requiring that political advertisements be truthful (case in point: this local ad). So, how do you know what information is trustworthy? 

Before believing or sharing a political ad, ask yourself:

  • How are the claims in the ad supported?
  • What sources does the ad cite?
  • Do the images look manipulated?
  • Are there quotes that might be taken out of context?

The Political Advertising Literacy group put together a guide so voters can critically examine political ads. (You can also test your knowledgewith this quiz!)

Still not sure what to believe? You can always ask, which will check the factual accuracy of an ad for you.

🔒🗳️ Want more tips and info on safe voting? Rumors and conspiracy theories about election fraud and ballot counting are running rampant. CPR put together this detailed guide on everything you need to know about Colorado’s election security measures and the “ballot chain of custody.”

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