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Tasty Tea Pairings for Your Autumn

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on September 28
mooncakes and tea

Mooncakes and tea make for a delicious autumn breakfast. (dk1234 / Getty Images)

There are few things that say autumn quite like a steaming cup of tea. With the Mid-Autumn Festival (a multi-day, traditional Chinese celebration) kicking off this Friday, we sat down with Denver’s Tea Street co-founders, brother-and-sister duo, Victoria and Patrick Lam to get their favorite tasty treat pairings for the season.

Bún Riêu with Winter Melon Tea

As it gets colder, the craving for bún riêu — a Vietnamese tomato, crab noodle soup — really sets in. This soup is tangy, creamy, and rich, and we love to wash it down with a cold winter melon tea. This slightly sweet tea is super refreshing and really cools you down. We like to get our bún riêu from New Saigon on Federal.

Lotus Mooncake with Tieguanyin Tea

It wouldn't be autumn without eating mooncake. Our favorite is lotus with one yolk. Pairing the mooncake with a hot tieguanyin tea (Taiwanese roasted oolong), cuts through the richness of lotus seed. The roasted tea also lingers, and with each bite of the mooncake, it intensifies the lotus flavor.

Fresh Soy Milk with Fried Dough Sticks

While not actually a tea, this is the most satisfying and warming breakfast for a chilly morning. A quick dip in the soy milk cuts the greasiness of the fried dough sticks without taking away from the crispiness. We make our soy milk fresh at Tea Street and serve traditional and pandan soy milk. We like to get our fried dough sticks from Celestial Bakery inside the Far East Center.

🍵 Need to get your tea fix? You can find Tea Street at both the Mid-Autumn Festival in the Little Saigon District and the Night Market at DLS-Gilpin school grounds this Saturday!

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