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The 'Reducetarian' Movement Comes to Denver

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on November 16
A vegetarian hamburger

One hamburger, hold the burger, please. (Claudia Totir / Getty Images)

This week on Denver’s dining scene: A beloved local restaurant thought to be long-gone returns; “Alice in Wonderland” vibes planned for Five Points; and why your hamburger is so damn expensive. Let’s dig in!

🥕 If you’re unsure about committing to the vegan or vegetarian lifestyle, but you are interested in cutting back on your meat consumption habits, becoming a “reducetarian” might just be the move for you. [Axios Denver]

  • We dig deeper into this new food movement on today's podcast episode.

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🦪 Chef Caroline Glover — of James Beard fame — is set to debut Traveling Mercies, a new cocktail and oyster bar opening just upstairs from Annette, her famous flagship restaurant in the Stanley Marketplace. [Denver Post 🔒]

🍱 Japanese food lovers of Denver can rejoice — Domo really is back open (with limited hours and menu offerings, that is) following a tumultuous few years that left its future in question. [Westword]

🍔 “For restaurants to make the same margin on burgers that they did in 2020, they’d have to charge $22.” The Colorado Sun breaks down why today’s hamburgers are so damn expensive. (Spoiler alert: It’s inflation.) [CO Sun]

💸 “Pressure tipping” — the pressure to leave gratuity even for services you don’t feel comfortable tipping for — is eating away American budgets, according to this Denver etiquette specialist. [CO Sun]

🫖 “The Secret Garden” meets “The Great Gatsby” at a new restaurant planned for 2200 Larimer St. in Five Points. Wonderyard Garden + Table promises teacup tables, birdcage booths, rotating platforms, and larger-than-life sculptures. [Denver Post 🔒]

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