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Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on December 8, 2022   |   Updated on June 20
Lucas’ recommendations mapped out for you! (Peyton Garcia / City Cast Denver)

Lucas’ recommendations mapped out for you! (Peyton Garcia / City Cast Denver)

This week, reader Lucas D. is taking us on a food tour of the Hale and Montclair neighborhoods. According to Lucas, here is a great way to eat your way through this neck of the woods: 

🌯 Something For Breakfast:
 Santos Cafe and Mexican Grill. It has delicious chilaquiles and huevos rancheros, chorizo scrambled eggs, or American diner staples as well — but every time I go there, I’m getting the breakfast burrito.”

🌮 Something For Lunch:
 Pato’s Tacos, a spot serving Mexican fare different from most street taco spots in the city (specifically, the tacos are bigger). My favorite is undoubtedly the cochinita taco, but everything I’ve had is delicious and the staff couldn’t be nicer.”

🍹 Something For Dinner:
 7 Leguas (the one on Colfax and Cherry, though the other one is just down the street). Big booths, big menus, and big portions. It even has something called Las Modelos del 7, which I’m not going to try, but consists of a six-pack of beers with a bunch of vegetables on top of it smothered in a sauce.”

🍦 Something For Dessert:
 “Hop across the street to Nuggs, the best named ice cream shop in the city. Great selection, solid ice cream, and the perfect vibe for an ice cream shop (cool colors, seemingly only high school students working there, and a fun patio facing Colfax).”Other Delicious (Non-Mexican) Gems:

  • 🍻 Local watering hole: College Inn. “Good bar food, tons of locals.” 
  • 🍰 Unique bakery: Padoca Brazilian Bakery & Market. “Cannot recommend the pastries enough.” 
  • 🍛 Ethiopian corner: Mesob, Queen of Sheba, or Lucy. “All solid Ethiopian spots a stone’s throw from one another.” 
  • ☕ Coffee shop: Park Hill Hub. “Try the Turkish coffee. The pistachio cake is quite delicious.”
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