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Get To Know Olde Town Arvada

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on November 17, 2022   |   Updated on June 20
Historic Olde Town Arvada. (David Dingwell / Flickr)

Historic Olde Town Arvada. (David Dingwell / Flickr)

Sometimes this city can feel a little crowded, so this week, I’m taking you out into the ’burbs. Just a quick 20 minute drive from the heart of downtown Denver (or a suuuper easy RTD ride from Union Station), Olde Town Arvada is one of my favorite places outside the city. 

🍜 🌮 Something To Eat:
 “Olde Town’s 303 Ramen is undoubtedly my go-to spot for noodles in all of Metro Denver. It’s lowkey and unpretentious, and the menu offers 11 different types of ramen (including a gluten-free option!), plus a plethora of entrées and apps. I’d recommend the Duck Cheese Wontons and a Vietnamese iced coffee.

🍻 Where To Take The Gang: “If I’m meeting up with friends in Arvada, School House Kitchen & Libations is where we’re headed. The space is huge and leans heavily into the building’s history as an 1882 school house with refurbished architecture featuring lockers, bookshelves, desks, chalkboards, and a bartop made from No. 2 pencils. Most infamously, the bar boasts a whiskey list that tops 1,000 selections. Oh, and there are plenty of TVs for catching the game.”

☕ 🥃 Someplace To Sip: Bluegrass is my go-to suggestion for someone just getting to know Arvada. It’s a cozy coffee house by day, serving gourmet craft brews and signature seasonal lattes, and a sleek bourbon bar by night, known for its premium Kentucky spirits and live music.”

🛍️ Shop ’Til You Drop: “One of my favorite things about Arvada’s downtown district is the hyper-local small town feel. It’s teeming with independent boutiques, consignment shops, art studios, and specialty stores, including Lithos, a paradise for rock and fossil collectors, and Sock., a store for wacky socks! My don’t-miss recommendation is Scrumptious, my favorite kind of old-timey candy shop.”

📜 A Blast From The Past: “Olde Town Arvada is actually listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Lore says it was the location of the first documented discovery of gold in the Old West, kicking off the region’s Gold Rush in 1859. The city wears its history like a badge of honor, and you can learn all about it at one of several museums operated through the Arvada Historical Society.”

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