Plus, the latest exchange in BPD lawsuits.
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Friday, December 1  

Happy Friday! While we’re all thinking about snow and snow removal this morning, got any fun ideas for a name for a snow plow? Three plows at the Ada County Highway District are in need of an identity.

What Denver's Talking About

Eyewitness Accounts of Wasson’s Death

On June 24, a Boise police officer shot and killed 22-year-old Payton Wasson. The Boise Police Department has released very few details and no video footage evidence in the five months since. More eyewitnesses are speaking out, including a man who was with Wasson and was arrested. He viewed the body camera footage during his preparation for trial, and says that the footage shows Wasson was running away from police when he was shot. [Idaho Statesman]

Responding to Student Suicides

Since the beginning of October, four students have died by suicide in the Boise School District. The district has pushed extra mental health resources to the schools where the deaths have occurred. The parent of one eighth grader who died is asking for help for neurodivergent students in particular. Over the past few weeks, communities have gathered at several vigils and educational events to help curb the tragic spike in deaths. [Idaho Statesman]

Kroger Fulfills FTC Requests

The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) is one step closer to being able to decide whether to approve Kroger’s proposed purchase of Albertsons. Kroger says it has complied with the FTC’s asks regarding the $25 billion acquisition, meaning the FTC may have all the information it needs to either challenge the bid or approve it. [BoiseDev]

Bogus Ramping Up

Bogus Basin is currently only open on the weekends, but with 10 million gallons of machine-made snow and up to 28 inches of snow expected to fall this weekend, they should be on the way to full operations soon. Plus, the Deer Point Express chairlift is open starting tomorrow.

What to Do

Friday, Dec. 1

Saturday, Dec. 2

Sunday, Dec. 3

More Denver Events

Food & Drink

If you're looking for Tavoláta, it's south-facing on Grove Street, across the street from an Old Boise parking lot that could converted to a park. (Blake Hunter / City Cast Boise)

If you're looking for Tavoláta, it's south-facing on Grove Street, across the street from an Old Boise parking lot that could converted to a park. (Blake Hunter / City Cast Boise)

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In-N-Out’s Master Parking Lot Plan

If you plan to be one of the first people in line at the In-N-Out in Meridian, expect to hang out in a parking lot for a while.

Four recently paved lots near the restaurant will be used for overflow parking and directed by In-N-Out employees. Over 200 staff members are being brought in for the opening, which The Village at Meridian says should happen in the next two to three weeks.

If you don’t feel like participating (but why?!), here are some local burger spots to try instead.

KB’s Coming to Warehouse Food Hall

An Idaho mainstay known for their signature burritos is finally coming to Boise proper. KB’s started in Hailey and Ketchum, and has locations in Twin Falls and Eagle.

Currently, they’re aiming to open at the Warehouse Food Hall during the last week of December.

Three New(ish) Restaurants

And lastly, a couple of restaurant openings that I may or may not have forgotten about recently:

I haven’t made it to any of these spots yet, but want to — any initial thoughts?

Today on City Cast Denver

New Idahoans — especially from California — have often faced harsh judgment as well as misled guesses about their political leanings. (Kirk Rush / Getty)

Republicans Moving to Idaho, Affordable Housing Initiatives, and BPD Lawsuits

Californians have been flocking to the Gem State for years, but does anyone still believe that they’re making Idaho more liberal? Idaho Statesman reporter Rachel Spacek joins me to dive into data about new Idahoans’ political affiliations. Plus, an update on the former Boise police chief’s lawsuit and why the Ada County Commission cosigned an affordable housing initiative with the City of Boise.

Myths About New Idahoans & Housing

Take care this weekend, and stay warm!

— Blake Hunter

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