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Local Tourist Traps and Treats

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on June 22
What to do — and what not to! — this summer. (City Cast Denver)

What to do — and what not to! — this summer. (City Cast Denver)

Hey readers! The City Cast Denver team is back with the third and final installment of our CCD Summer Entertainment Guide. Missed the first two? Listen now 👇

For this episode, we rounded up our picks for local tourist traps and treats! What are the Colorado attractions that are absolutely worth the drive / money / wait in line? And which, in our opinions, get a hard pass?

Below is a rundown of our picks. For the full scoop on each one, listen to the episode here! 🎧

🚫 Traps!

The Royal Gorge (Cañon City)

This incredible natural wonder in southern Colorado has become over-commercialized to the point that it overshadows the nature-loving experience you might think is in store. 

Manitou Cliff Dwellings (Manitou Springs)

The history of this “ancient site” just outside of Colorado Springs isn’t quite what it pretends to be …

Water World (Denver)

This popular Denver water park is great … if you’re OK standing under the baking sun in endless lines for the rides, the food, the bathrooms, and, well, everything else, to be quite honest.

What was once a local institution for aquatic wildlife has become a gimmicky cash-grab with its front-and-center restaurant, overpriced “experiences,” and that poor, lonely tiger on display.

😎 Treats!

Tiny Town (Morrison)

The perfect place for a wholesome, affordable, all-ages afternoon in the mountains!

A quick trip to one of the most iconic settings in the foothills and the chance to learn about one of the quirkiest characters in Colorado history.

An affordable way to get out of town with the whole family and enjoy the summer time offerings of the Rockies.

An underrated Denver gem — the zoo has something for everyone! (Hello, adults-only night!) Plus, it goes largely unrecognized for its acclaimed programs focusing on conservation and education.

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