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Tattered Cover’s Books of The Year

What’s the best part of any good local bookstore? The staff recs! Duh. We love those colorful little handwritten notes on the shelf pointing us to that next page-turner. So as holiday shopping gets under way, we invited two of Tattered Cover’s book buyers to come on the show and share some of their favorites of the year. City Cast Denver host Bree Davies sits down with Jeremy Patlen and Kathy Baum to talk through Tattered Cover’s 2021 Books of The Year and give us a little behind-the-shelf insight into how these recommendations happen. 

Find links to all the books mentioned and the full list right here.

And for even more on The Holly: Five Bullets, One Gun, and The Struggle to Save an American Neighborhood, check out our interview with author Julian Rubinstein and Terrance Roberts, the former gang member-turned-anti-gang activist at the heart of Rubinstein’s book.

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