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Yes, Colorado Has Scorpions

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on October 17
A scorpion glows under UV lighting.

A scorpion glows under UV lighting. (Oxford Scientific / Getty Images)

Many people don’t realize Colorado is home to scorpions — in fact, you can find three different species here! In the spirit of spooky season, here are some fun scorpion facts:

  • Scorpions are a type of arachnid — yes, like a spider!
  • They have a pair of eyes in the middle of their head, but also 2-5 extra sets along their sides.
  • Scorpions’ exoskeletons contain a chemical structure that makes them glow in the dark when exposed to ultraviolet light.
  • Scorpions can survive for up to a year with no food and only water.

Colorado Scorpions

Common Striped Bark Scorpion

This species of scorpion is widespread in southeastern Colorado and can be found as far north as I-70. They’re the most common type of Scorpion in the US. They are typically about 2.5 inches long when fully extended. They make homes in a variety of habitats, from grasslands to deserts to forests.

Northern Desert Hairy Scorpion

The largest type of scorpion in Colorado, this species can grow to be 5 inches in length when fully extended and are large enough to feed on small rodents. You’ll find these guys primarily on the Western slope — where it's warmer, more arid, and they can burrow — most notoriously in the Dinosaur National Monument area.

Northern Scorpion

You can find the northern scorpion along the Colorado-Utah border. Evident by its name, these scorpions are the northernmost of the species. They have the best tolerance for colder climates. Adults are usually 1.5 to 2 inches in length.

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