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What’s The Deal With The ‘Keep Colorado Wild’ Pass?

Peyton Garcia
Peyton Garcia
Posted on September 14, 2022   |   Updated on June 19
Get outside in that Rocky Mountain wilderness! (Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post / Getty Images)

Get outside in that Rocky Mountain wilderness! (Helen H. Richardson / The Denver Post / Getty Images)

You may remember when Colorado Parks and Wildlife announced plans earlier this year to issue new state park passes that would be automatically included in the cost of any Colorado vehicle registration. The details were vague back then, but CPW has released some fresh deets. Here’s what you need to know:

⛰️ State parks at a steep discount:
The new Keep Colorado Wild pass is a discounted ($29) state park pass linked to your vehicle registration. Regular CPW state park passes ($80-$120) will still be available for non-Colorado residents and Coloradans without vehicles.

⛰️ Cost is included in your vehicle registration:
Starting January 2023, the $29 KCW pass will be automatically applied to the cost to register your vehicle unless you choose to opt out.

⛰️ Your car registration will be your pass: The CPW logo will be printed on your registration card. Your license plate will also be linked to the pass. If you have multiple cars, each car’s registration and plate will be linked to its own pass. So you’ll need to buy or decline a pass for each vehicle.

⛰️ How to opt out: There will be an option to opt out when you register your car online, through the mail, or at a DMV kiosk. You can also let your customer service representative know when you register in person.

⛰️ You can get refunded for your current pass: If you still have an active park pass when you go to register your vehicle next year, you can receive a prorated refund.

⛰️ Funds will go toward CPW programs: Including search and rescue, avalanche awareness, wildlife conservation, education and equity programs, and general park maintenance.

⛰️ You’ll get access to all 43 state parks: The pass will be valid and active for one year and will again be included in the cost the next time you register the associated vehicle. 

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