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The Hidden Gems of Washington Virginia Vale

Paul Karolyi
Paul Karolyi
Posted on September 14
A child rides their bike around Lollipop Lake at Garland Park.

A child rides their bike around Lollipop Lake at Garland Park. (reid.neureiter / Flickr)

Washington Virginia Vale is one of southeast Denver’s most overlooked neighborhoods. Developer Marcus Bogue built the 550-home neighborhood in the area after WWII, and he named it for his wife Virginia — just like he named nearby Virginia Village for her when he built that neighborhood a few years prior. As for the “Washington” part, your guess is as good as ours. Comprising mostly subdivisions built in the 50s and 60s, WVV is hiding plenty of secrets behind that mouthful of a name.


Mordy’s Falafel

There’s a rumor that this bright blue food truck parked in a lot outside George Washington High School serves up the best falafel in town — you just have to nail down their constantly shifting hours of operation.

Garland Park

A highly underrated park, kids and adults alike will enjoy running around Lollipop Lake. The city even recently rebuilt a whole section of the shore, so there’s some nice big rocks to sit on and take in a sunset.

Washington Virginia Vale neighborhood boundaries on a map.

Washington Virginia Vale neighborhood boundaries. (Denver Maps)


Hidden Disc Golf

You won’t find this on any map, but some generous disc golfer set up a few baskets in the green space behind the condos off Oneida Street and Louisiana Avenue. Thanks, mystery dude!🌿

Golden Meds

This is not the best dispensary in town, but it’s definitely among the cheapest. They typically also have shake available, if you’re making homemade edibles.


Mizel Museum

Just a few blocks down from the Jewish Community Center (another major WVV landmark), this neighborhood museum is dedicated to addressing social justice issues through the lens of Jewish history and culture.

Today’s Neighborhood Guide was written by City Cast Denver producer Paul Karolyi.

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