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The Best of Belcaro

Bree Davies
Bree Davies
Posted on October 26
The historic Phipps Mansion in Belcaro

The historic Phipps Mansion in Belcaro. (Cyrus McCrimmon / The Denver Post / Getty Images)

Named after a private residence called “Belcaro” by its owner Lawrence Cowle Phipps — a former state senator with familial connections to the Carnegie steel empire — the neighborhood radiating out from the mansion’s grounds features curved, tree-lined streets dotted with architecturally notable homes from the 1930s through today. But there’s plenty to enjoy in Belcaro even if you don’t live there! Here are our recommendations:

🌶️ Noodles Express

This spot offers a surprising bounty of Szechuan specialties like the dan dan noodles, spicy boiled fish, and mapo tofu.

🎁 Wish Gifts

From specialty soaps and beauty products to snarky birthday cards and sassy Denver merch, this local shop with a big personality has great gifts for everyone.

Belcaro neighborhood boundaries.

Belcaro neighborhood boundaries. (Denver Maps)

🚴‍♀️ The Cherry Creek Trail

The beloved city trail has a great section of its path running through Belcaro that is perfect for walking, rolling, and biking along the waterway under the shade of mature cottonwood trees.

📐 The Historic Alan Golin Gass House

Designed for the architect himself in 1961, this distinctive structure is built halfway into the earth and features skylights and soaring windows — all intentionally energy efficient features of the home.

🧁 Katherine’s French Bakery and Café

Enjoy full service breakfast, brunch, or lunch at this European-style cafe — or snag fresh baked quiches, tarts, eclairs, petit fours, macarons, and more from the counter’s incredible collection of sweets!

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