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What to Do with Your Old Mattress (And Other Things)

Bree Davies
Bree Davies
Posted on October 10
Person walks a mattress into a giant waste container.

What are you actually supposed to do with an old mattress? (Monty Rakusen / Getty)

Wondering where to take your old mattress now that you’ve finally caved and bought a fancy memory foam version online? What about that old, defunct laptop from college hiding in the back of your closet? We’ve rounded up a list of resources for re-homing or disposing of large and cumbersome stuff, because it can be hard to know what items go where!


Your worn out couch could have a second life!

The Good Couch will pick up your old sectional or loveseat, clean and refurbish it with a five-step restoration process, then place it in their showroom with other upcycled living room sets at an affordable price. The company not only reduces furniture waste, it also donates a portion of proceeds to Colorado Coalition for the Homeless.


Donate that old mattress and box spring for a good cause

Spring Back is a mattress recycling nonprofit that does two great things: by recycling your old bed, the company keeps beds and box springs out of the landfill, while also employing folks in the community who face employment barriers like past incarceration and substance misuse disorders.


Broken and outdated electronics can – and should – be recycled

That old flatscreen TV in your basement can contain harmful materials, so proper recycling is crucial. Places like Blue Star Recyclers, Techno Rescue, and R2 eCycle can recycle electronics safely, while also promising data protection for sensitive information that might be living on an old computer or phone.

🪑 When in doubt, check out Denver’s large item pick up schedule

As part of regular trash service, each neighborhood has a scheduled pick up day every few weeks if you need to off-load larger household items that don’t fit in the trash or recycle bin. Be sure to check the city’s website for a complete list of accepted items.

A few more handy tips:

  • Be aware that some recycling programs charge small fees to take your donations. Fees cover costs like labor and proper recycling.
  • Donation non-profits like Goodwill and the ARC have lists of items they do not take. Check specific locations before you drop off — some donated items aren’t re-sellable or re-usable and end up being sent to the trash.
  • Old appliances can also contain hazardous materials, so be sure to schedule a pick-up with the City of Denver or consult the EPA for proper disposal.
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